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Training Staff

One-on-One and Small Group Personal Training
When you’re in our gym, it’s just you and your personal trainer. We design your workouts to help you reach your individual fitness goals! So whether it’s losing weight and toning up or training for competition, our trainers will get you where you need to be.

Personal Training
Our knowledgeable fitness professionals always begin with the basics to build strength and stamina, and progress clients through workouts that continually build on the movements mastered in previous training sessions.

There’s never any waiting for gym members who clutter the space in which you’re trying to work out. Trainers and clients have a weight training area, and clients are welcome to unlimited use of our facilities during regular gym hours at no additional charge.

Our personal training services are available inside and outside of our gym and include one-on-one, partner (2 clients, one trainer), and small group (3-5 clients, one trainer) sessions.

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