Looking for that High Intensity workout that you’ve been craving? Here is your chance!!! Boot Camp is here! A combination of Aerobic and Strength Training that will kick your metabolism into overdrive and send you in the right direction for swimsuit season!

1) Warm-up. ROM/Back Stretches/Diaphragmatic Breathing/Dynamic
2) Work! Strength/Aerobic
3) Core
4) Feeling Awesome!

When: Wednesday 10:30AM and Saturday 7:00AM.
(Starting date TBD)

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4 Workouts for only $50!!!

Addition Classes:

What a cardiovascular workout! An hour of Aerobics using the step!

Resistance Equipment is used to sculpt and strengthen every muscle!

Cardio Interval
Give your body a full hour BLAST of cardio and weights! We’ll hit all the body parts as we mix intervals of step drills aerobics and calisthenics with resistance training using tubing body bars and stability balls!
Step Explosion Step with power and energy. The class will burn calories and build strength and stamina with explosive moves! Yoga Experience the ultimate in stress relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation in this beginner level, Hatha yoga class. Build a strong foundation and understanding of the practice of Hatha yoga, gain a greater sense of inner awareness and self-confidence, and develop more flexibility, strength, balance and clarity.

Tae Bo
Experience the latest fitness trend. Train like a boxer; kick using the classic martial art form for that lean and mean look for this knockout workout.

The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of strengthening and stretching exercises developed over 90 years ago. It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, provides flexibility and balance, unites body and mind and creates a more streamlined shape.

– Essential Mats Plus A combination of essential mat with circles and flex bands.
– Intermediate Mat For those who have mastered the Essential Mat.

20 Minutes of Aerobics, 20 Minutes of Sculpt, and 20 Minutes of Abs!

Step in to the Mat
Exciting step choreography, high energy! Be ready to work hard and move fast-Step in to the Max!

Muscle Mix
The MAXIMUM muscle workout. No bulk building-just toning, flexing and total muscle conditioning.

Step Aerobics 101
30 minutes for those just beginning Learn proper form, technique and method of Step and aerobics.

Ride on to fitness with studio cycling. The hottest workout in fitness today! Cross train and enhance your fitness level by developing your cardiovascular system. Muscle endurance and strength while riding a bike in a class atmosphere. All levels-you control the resistance of the bike, the instructor motivates and inspires.

Cardio Pump
Alternating cardio Step with weights gives you the best of both-muscles are pumped and fat is burned with Cardio Step!

Power Yoga
A moving flowing form of Hatha Yoga designed for all levels of ability. The class will improve your overall sense of well being by reducing stress and increasing both flexibility and muscle tone. Classes consist of various postures. Breathing and guided relaxation techniques.

Step sizzle and Chisel
Get fired up on the step and get ready to chisel those body parts utilizing weights, body bars and the stability ball. Feel the burn!

Booty Step N Sculpt
Step train and sculpt your entire body with focused attention placed on your best ass-ets!

Balance and stability training play an essential role in improving your core muscles. Bosu incorporates both a cardio workout and resistance training workout!

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